“The Long Game” Movie Interview with actress Paulina Chávez & actor Julian Works @thelonggamemovie #TheLongGameMovie @PaulinaFChavez @julesworks

“The Long Game” Movie Interview with actress Paulina Chávez & actor Julian Works

“The Long Game” Movie Interview with actress Paulina Chávez & actor Julian Works, as we spoke about their character’s romantic relationship, working with Dennis Quaid & Jay Hernandez, and playing the game.

THE LONG GAME hitting theaters on April 12th!

THE LONG GAME depicts the true story of five young Mexican American caddies who created their own golf course in the middle of the South Texas brush country in 1955, and played against their wealthier and more experienced competitors.


I wanted to see more because the two of you were giving me West Side Story vibes all over the place. Obviously, the scenery, that theme lends itself to feel that way, because of the times. But I wonder what aspects of your relationships with your characters you would have loved to touch upon in the story more?

Julian Works:

I wish I would have hoped to dive into more of the relationship. Maybe, you know, uh, I know that there was a scene that was added in the. When we’re on that train, right? That abandoned train. Yeah. That was not that, you know, that’s that scene was not in the script, but I guess Julio just kind of saw, you know, I guess what we were building. And he decided to add that so that was fun. I wish I could have dive into more of, like, the relationship.

That would have been great. Maybe to see what their relationship was like when he ended up going to that school at the end with her. That would have been fun to see. I mean, there’s there’s so much that I wish we could have died into for sure.

Paulina Chávez:

Likewise, I wish we would have been able to see how their relationship grew and how Daniela pushed him, because I keep saying behind every great man is a great woman. And so I kind of did want to see, like their challenges with each other and, and how they both challenged one another because I feel like that’s, that was their relationship. They just keep pushing each other.


Julian, if you could have the chance to go back in time, travel back to the future style and and sit with in real life Joe, what would you told him now that you know his story?

Julian Works:

I would have told him, you know, just thank you for, for proving to you, for yourself and proving to your family and to your community that, um, that you, that you do deserve the respect that’s, that’s given. And when it comes to you playing the game of golf and two of the differences that, um, that that you make in a community and in a sport where now if you look at today just how much the sport has grown, you see many different races playing, um, you know, when it comes to black, white, Asian, you know, Latinos, the game of golf has expanded, um, universally to, to everyone.

So, he might have not known the impact that he had done. But, like they say, even if it’s 1% up, as long as the rejection is going up, that makes all the difference in the world, 50 years down, you know, down the line. So, I guess that’s what I would tell them.


I want to talk about working with Dennis Quaid and Jay Hernandez. What were you able to pick up from these two, uh, these two veterans?

Julian Works:

Yeah. I mean, I guess just the professionalism, when it came down to the script and, and just them being true artists. I honestly feel like they both helped me just give a real reaction. I mean, they as cliche, people say, you know, like acting is reacting, I guess, the greater artist that they were just made it easier for me to, you know, kind of portray my skills on, you know, on, on set.

I feel like anytime in anything in any sport or any job, whenever you work with great people, I guess your level of whatever you’re doing just rises to the occasion as well, you know? That’s why it’s very important to surround yourself, with great people, whenever you’re trying to achieve something great. So I was fortunate for that.

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