“The Long Game” Movie Interview with actors Miguel Angel Garcia & José Julián @thelonggamemovie #TheLongGameMovie

“The Long Game” Movie Interview with actors Miguel Angel Garcia & José Julián

“The Long Game” Movie Interview w/ actors Miguel Angel Garcia & José Julián, as we spoke about their characters, working with Dennis Quaid & Jay Hernandez, and playing the game.

THE LONG GAME hitting theaters on April 12th!

THE LONG GAME depicts the true story of five young Mexican American caddies who created their own golf course in the middle of the South Texas brush country in 1955, and played against their wealthier and more experienced competitors.


This movie is based on a true story, and I wonder, how much of the characters that you’re portraying are you guys being you guys or you guys trying to be as faithful as you can to the person that you are portraying?

Miguel Angel Garcia:

Yeah. I think, you know, as an actor, you kind of start by getting as much information as possible. And we had a lot of that, you know, from the book by Umberto Garcia, uh, Mustang Miracle. So, I think that’s the way in. But for us, you know, we were able to build such a camaraderie. We got really close on set. And I think that’s something that really just shows on camera of us just, um, becoming friends, uh, having a good time. You know, we wanted to emulate that because that’s a really big part of what they actually went through. And it just became so easy because we all actually became really great friends.

José Julián:

Yeah! There was very little material on what they must have been like at that time. I mean, because the book, I mean, there’s obviously the book and there’s some archival footage of them, but for the most part, since there’s so many characters in the book, you know, it, you don’t really have it just describes events and doesn’t really go into the characters personalities too much. So, with this film, we had a lot of room to add to whatever we could bring. And it was, uh, very validating to have the real-life characters come in and say, we were doing great and loved it. And they said these were the exact same pants we wore. And, you know, they were definitely, overcome with nostalgia, you know, and they when they visited us.


I think the production design team did a great job of recreating those times. And wardrobe and hairstyling. If I could speak with them I would praise their work. But I wonder, working with someone like Dennis Quaid and Jay Hernandez who in my book are already veterans of the of the game. What did you guys pick up from them?

José Julián:

I think more than one thing I loved about Dennis Quaid was the guy would show up and hit golf balls, you know, before he even went into the makeup trailer. And, and it was just like. And he and he’s a golfer himself. And there was a time where I ran into him at a driving range, and he gave me some, some pointers for my stance and everything. And it was just one of these things where I’m just like, wow, this guy is so passionate about golf, so passionate about playing the game, and he’s an amazing actor. And he’s just like, oh, I’m going back to my hotel to, you know, shoot, record a voiceover or something, you know, and it’s just like, I’m just like, wow, you could just like, you could only hope to get to that point where you’re just firing on all cylinders.

You know, you’re just indulging your hobbies, but going to work all the time and, and looking out for, for new opportunities like that’s that to me. I feel like, you know, he’s like a lion, you know, he’s just a lion of the business.

Miguel Angel Garcia:

Yeah. I mean, you know, just being a part of that world, you know, we feel really honored to, to, to be working with such great actors and who had such illustrious career. And I think that’s something that we all kind of want, you know, how beautiful would it be to have a career like Dennis Quaid? Uh, I wouldn’t want anything more. I mean, it’s been a very long career and with such great performances.

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