See The Trailer and Key Art Poster For Hulu Original Series “The Good Mothers”

See The Trailer and Key Art Poster For Hulu Original Series “The Good Mothers” 

Check out the trailer and key art for the Italian-language Hulu Original series “The Good Mothers,”
winner of the first-ever Berlinale Series Award at the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival.

All six episodes will premiere April 5 only on Hulu.

SYNOPSIS: “The Good Mothers” is a multi-layered narrative that follows the shocking true story of three women who were born into the most deadly and wealthy of the Italian Mafia clans, and how they worked with a courageous female prosecutor to bring it down from the inside. The women must fight their own families for the right to survive and build a new future for their children.
Based on a true story, Denise (daughter of Lea Garofalo), Maria Concetta Cacciola, and Giuseppina Pesce dare to stand up to the fearsome ‘Ndrangheta mafia. Helping them in their efforts is prosecutor Anna Colace, newly arrived in Calabria from Milan with a strategy to topple the ‘Ndrangheta clans: focus on the women. It’s an approach that comes with risk—the ‘Ndrangheta are known and feared for their iron fist and insidious power. “The Good Mothers” is the gripping story of three women who turn against everything they know in order to fight for their lives and the future of their children and overcome a criminal empire.

CAST: Gaia Girace (“Denise Cosco”), Valentina Bellè (“Giuseppina Pesce”), Barbara Chichiarelli (“Anna Colace”), Francesco Colella (“Carlo Cosco”), Simona Distefano (“Concetta Cacciola”), Andrea Dodero (“Carmine Venturino”) and with Micaela Ramazzotti (“Lea Garofalo”)

CREDITS: Adapted for the screen by Stephen Butchard, based on the book “The Good Mothers: The True Story of the Women Who Took on the World’s Most Powerful Mafia” by Alex Perry. Directed by Julian Jarrold and Elisa Amoruso.

Executive produced by Juliette Howell, Tessa Ross and Harriet Spencer for House Productions and Mario Gianani, Lorenzo Gangarossa for Wildside, a Fremantle Company, and Alessandro Saba for Disney+. Butchard and Jarrold are also Executive Producers. 

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