HE’S HEATING UP! He’s On Fire Mode Announced as RAGE 2 Pre-Order Bonus.

BOOMSHAKALAKA! Tim Kitzrow is in the wrong game, taking his iconic voice from the bright lights of the hardwood to the explosive glow of the wasteland as a RAGE 2 pre-order bonus with the He’s On Fire cheat code.

The He’s On Fire cheat code provides players in the open world insanity of RAGE 2 with an extremely vocal twist. Kitzrow’s legendary lines from back in the day – along with plenty of new RAGE 2-ified lines – will be there to give you constant encouragement as you decimate your enemies. From “POW POW PUPPY CHOW” to “REJECTEEEEED,” it’ll be tough to find a dull moment while you’re fighting back against General Cross and dunking on the many crazies that roam the wastes.

RAGE 2 launches on May 14, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Fly like an eagle over to the official RAGE 2 site at to pre-order and ensure that the He’s On Fire cheat code  is there to keep you and your adversaries on your toes. Let’s RAAAAGE!

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