Disney+ Shares Disney’s “Launchpad” Season 2 Trailer, Poster & Images From Featured Shorts

Disney+ Shares Disney’s “Launchpad” Season 2 Trailer, Poster & Images From Featured Shorts

Showcasing Six New Short Films, Disney’s “Launchpad” Season 2 Debuts September 29 Exclusively on Disney+

Today, Disney+ unveiled the trailer and poster for Season 2 of Disney’s “Launchpad,” a collection of six short films from underrepresented filmmakers whose unique and evocative voices bring new perspectives to storytelling. In addition, Disney+ released one image from each of the exciting short films.

Disney’s “Launchpad” Season 2 is a collection of live-action shorts from a new generation of dynamic filmmakers. This season showcases six writers, five directors and one writer-director from underrepresented backgrounds who were given the opportunity to share their perspectives and creative visions. Continuing the goal of Disney’s first season of “Launchpad,” which was to diversify the types of stories that are being told by giving access to those who historically have not had it, “Launchpad” Season 2 is proud to present six new shorts for Disney+ based on the theme of “connection.”

Sr. Manager and Producer of Disney “Launchpad” Phillip Domfeh stated, “The filmmakers of Disney ‘Launchpad’ season two have taken their storytelling to new heights by developing six imaginative and inspiring stories for Disney+.”

Mahin Ibrahim, Director, RISE Creative Talent Pathways and Executive Producer, added, “We can’t wait to give these incredibly talented writers, directors, producers, cast and crew the opportunity to showcase their creative passion and excellence in craft.”

Panavision again provided the camera and lens packages for the six original shorts, and Light Iron, Panavision’s post-production division, provided dailies, final color and finishing services for all of Season 2. “Panavision and Light Iron are proud to support the incredibly talented filmmakers of the Launchpad program’s second season,” says Panavision President and CEO Kim Snyder. “We’re passionate about empowering storytellers from underrepresented communities by providing access to the tools and expertise that can support their creative visions throughout production and post.”

Disney’s “Launchpad” Season 2 premieres September 29, exclusively on Disney+. Through September 20, new and returning customers can subscribe to Disney+ Basic (with ads) for $1.99/month for three months by visiting www.disneyplus.com.


“Beautiful, FL”
Director: Gabriela Ortega
Writers: Joel Perez and Adrian Ferbeyre
Cast: Dariana Alvarez, Lynette Coll, Eileen Galindo, Logan “Meatball Queen” Jennings, Wendi McLendon-Covey

“Black Belts”
Director: Spencer Glover
Screenplay: Xavier Stiles, Spencer Glover
Story by: Xavier Stiles
Cast:Seth Carr, Tremayne Norris, Honey Robinson, Godderick Alucard, Smokey Campbell, Anthea Neri Best

“The Ghost”
Director: Erica Eng
Writer: Kevin Jihyek Park
Cast:Hana Marie Kim, Andie Ju, Sook Hyung Yang, Eddie Shin, Ayvah Jordan Vasquez, Tania Verafield

Director/Writer: Niki Ang
Cast:Margaret Cho,Elaine Young, Isabella Day, Kelvin Han Yee, Celeste Den, Nicole Jia

“Project CC”
Director: Cashmere Jasmine
Writer: Jasmine Johnson
Cast: Jessica Mikayla, A’lasia Simone, Jordyn Curet, Shelley Meche’tte, Rhomeyn Johnson

“The Roof”
Director: Alexander Bocchieri
Writer: W.A.W. Parker
Cast:Phoenix Wilson, Wes Studi, DeLanna Studi, L. Frank Manriquez, Landa Lakes, John M. Sneezy 

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