Tarot: Just another average horror film – Movie Review by Ana Sofia Cintrón (@ana_sofia53) #TarotMovie

Tarot: Just another average horror film – Movie Review by Ana Sofia Cintrón (@ana_sofia53) #TarotMovie

For some, reading your horoscope has become your daily newspaper. Whenever one wants to know if you’re compatible with your crush or the lucky number of the day, astrology offers a glimpse into the mysterious forces that shape the narrative of your day. Dawned by the mystical concept of reading your zodiac sign, a horror film was bound to be made somehow. However, did the stars align for the movie’s success, or demise?

Tarot, based on a 1992 novel with a rather more enticing name, “Horrorscope”’ tells the story of a group of friends who recklessly violate the sacred rule of Tarot readings: never use someone else’s deck; they unknowingly unleashed an unspeakable evil trapped within the cursed cards. One by one, they come face-to-face with fate and end up in a race against death to escape the future foretold in their readings. 

Within the first act, Tarot exudes a sense of early 2000s horror vibes. With its flashy opening title card, the classic character archetypes such as the jock or the funny friend, and the over-explanation of the narrative, the movie embraces these tropes that were commonly used during that era. The film delves into the realm of supernatural terror, which is reminiscent of Final Destination. Much like the premonitions, these teenagers find themselves trapped in horrific events foretold by the mysterious cards. 

As the story unfolds, each character is chased by the manifestations of the curses that have befallen them from their reading. When the time arrives for their souls to be taken, each of them meets their end in a manner befitting their respective curse. Whether it’s the magician making a spectacle out of their victim or the fool turning their end into a morbid joke, The highlight of the film definitely lies in the creative ways in which these deaths play out.

Beyond the creative kills, there’s not enough substance to make the film better than just average. In their attempts to evoke fear, they use predictable jump scares that just don’t quite hit the landing. Additionally, it’s a formulaic story and sadly, offers nothing innovative or refreshing to captivate audiences. Tarot’s predictability and lack of depth was the film’s ineviable demise. Becoming a forgettable entry for this year’s horror catalog. But hey, it’s a great background movie for when you’re doing your homework.

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