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Movie Review by @Ana_Sofia53  – Belle: A visual extravaganza. #Belle @GKIDSfilms

Movie Review by @Ana_Sofia53 – Belle: A visual extravaganza. #Belle @GKIDSfilms

Movie Review by Ana Sofia Cintron Mediavilla - Belle: A visual extravaganza. #Belle @GKIDSfilms After receiving a standing ovation at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, there’s no denying that the film has already made a title for itself. Critically acclaimed director, best known for Summer Wars, Wolf Children etc; Mamoru Hosoda comes back with his newly inspired sci-fi fairy tale movie, Belle. Highly influenced by the tale of Beauty, and the Beast, the director gives his own twist and tells the story of shy high school student Suzu. After a very traumatic event, for many years she has lived under her own shadow and self-consciousness; but when she enters “U” an immense virtual world, she escapes the real world and turns into her online persona known as Belle, a notorious and...