Peacock Debuts Official Trailer for Jan Broberg Documentary, A FRIEND OF THE FAMILY: TRUE EVIL.

Peacock Debuts Official Trailer for Jan Broberg Documentary, A FRIEND OF THE FAMILY: TRUE EVIL.

The Original True Crime Documentary Streams Tuesday, November 15, only on Peacock.

A FRIEND OF THE FAMILY: TRUE EVIL, a companion to Peacock’s hit limited drama series A Friend of the Family, further explores the story of Jan Broberg who was kidnapped and sexually abused by a family friend, Robert Berchtold, nearly 50 years ago. 

The documentary follows Jan on her road to healing as she revisits the scenes of the crime (including the bedroom where her abuse began and where police finally rescued her in Mexico). It also features never-before-revealed information from another Berchtold victim, who Jan meets on her journey, as well as an emotional and honest conversation with Jan’s mother about the events that took place years ago.

Through interviews with Jan and members of her family, including her mother and son, the documentary dives into how a family comes to terms with the generational trauma that can affect survivors and their loved ones years after the abuse took place. 

A FRIEND OF THE FAMILY: TRUE EVIL is produced by Dateline Productions. Andrea Canning serves as Correspondent, Paul F. Ryan serves as Executive Producer, and Izhar Harpaz serves as Supervising Producer.


“Many harmed by child sexual assault and long-term abuse are still striving to heal and thrive years later. Through support and community, the healing journey of “Thrivivors” can create a ripple effect towards change for children, and I am grateful to Peacock for the opportunity to continue telling my story. It is my hope that with greater awareness and understanding of childhood sexual abuse and grooming, total prevention can truly become a reality.” – Jan Broberg

“With A FRIEND OF THE FAMILY: TRUE EVIL, we’re able to share a closer look at Jan Broberg’s harrowing true story of perseverance and grace through unimaginable circumstances. This companion piece to our critically-acclaimed new limited series A FRIEND OF THE FAMILY will give audiences a chance to engage with the series on a deeper level while also illuminating never-before-seen elements of the story.” – Susan Rovner – Chairman, Entertainment Content, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming


A Friend of the Family: True Evil, the documentary companion to Peacock’s popular scripted series, is the story of Jan Broberg, who survived years of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of family friend and neighbor, Robert Berchtold.  Through all-new interviews with Jan and her family, NBC News correspondent Andrea Canning explores in detail how Berchtold methodically and deviously gained access to Jan, exploited her family, instigated encounters with – and blackmailed – both her parents, and brainwashed Jan to believe that aliens would kill her and harm her sisters and parents if she didn’t bend to his will. As Jan confronts the painful events that shaped her, she meets another survivor of Berchtold’s abuse, who shares her own experiences for the first time. Through Jan’s journey, this saga of lies, deceit, and inhumanity becomes a powerful story of endurance, courage, and a family’s life-affirming bond.

Premiere Date: November 15, 2022