Max Original Documentary THE FASTEST WOMAN ON EARTH, From Directors Chris Otwell And Graham Suorsa, Debuts October 20.

Max Original Documentary THE FASTEST WOMAN ON EARTH, From Directors Chris Otwell And Graham Suorsa, Debuts October 20.

The Max Original documentary THE FASTEST WOMAN ON EARTH, from filmmakers Chris Otwell and Graham Suorsa, debuts THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20 on HBO Max. The film, produced by Lightbox’s co-founders, two-time Academy Award®-winning producer Simon Chinn (“Man on Wire,” “Searching for Sugar Man,” HBO’s “The Princess”) and Emmy®-winning producer Jonathan Chinn (“LA 92,” HBO’s “Tina,” “Whitney”), captures the high-octane quest of professional racer and TV personality Jessi Combs to break land speed records in a field primarily dominated by men. 

Synopsis: Filmed over more than seven years beginning in 2013, THE FASTEST WOMAN ON EARTH chronicles the extraordinary life of professional racer and TV personality Jessi Combs. Approached by a predominately male team of aviation enthusiasts to be the driver of a custom car built from a repurposed fighter jet, Jessi’s dream of breaking land speed records is suddenly within reach – but at what cost? As her body and relationships suffer, Jessi continues to strive for the “fastest woman” title, confronting each obstacle with unparalleled courage and audacity. Seamlessly blending inspiration and heartbreak with joy and tragedy, this feature documentary throws viewers directly into the cockpit for Jessi’s exceptional endeavor – and the price that she ultimately paid for success. 

Filmmakers Chris Otwell and Graham Suorsa quote: “Nine years in the making, THE FASTEST WOMAN ON EARTH  is a deeply personal film for us because we are committed to telling an honest and unvarnished version of Jessi’s audacious and inspiring journey. She became a dear friend, and we are incredibly honored to share this documentary in hopes that it inspires courage both in everyday acts and envisioning a legacy for oneself.”

Simon Chinn and Jonathan Chinn, Co-Founders of Lightbox quote: “We were honored to be asked to join Graham and Chris for the final part of their nine year journey following the amazing Jessi Combs’ attempts to become the fastest woman on earth. We hope we have done justice to both her extraordinary story and her inspiring legacy; we are so excited to share it with the world.”

Credits: THE FASTEST WOMAN ON EARTH is a Lightbox Production in association with On Earth and Diamond Docs. It is directed and Graham Suorsa and Christopher Otwell. The producers are Simon Chinn and Jonathan Chinn, together with Graham Suorsa, Christopher Otwell and Mark Monroe. Josh Braun serves as executive producer, and it is co-produced by Vanessa Tovell and Carolyn Sperry Lewis.

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