“Mack & Rita” Movie Review by Rafy Mediavilla (@Rmediavilla). #MackAndRitaMovie

“Mack & Rita” Movie Review by Rafy Mediavilla (@Rmediavilla). #MackAndRitaMovie

When 30-year-old self-proclaimed homebody Mack Martin (Elizabeth Lail) reluctantly joins a Palm Springs bachelorette trip for her best friend Carla (Taylour Paige), her inner 70-year-old is released — literally. The frustrated writer and influencer magically transforms into her future self: “Aunt Rita” (Oscar®-winner Diane Keaton). Freed from the constraints of other people’s expectations, Rita comes into her own, becoming an unlikely social media sensation and sparks a tentative romance with Mack’s adorable dog-sitter, Jack (Dustin Milligan). A sparkling comedy with a magical twist, Mack & Rita celebrates being true to yourself at any age.

“Mack & Rita” it’s an interesting project if I had to describe this movie in one word I would say it’s charming, if I had to this describe it in two words I would say its simple but effective. And for context if I have to describe it by comparing it with other movies, I would say this is 13 Going On 30 meets Freaky Friday. It’s interesting that this movie is billed as a comedy but there are a lot of drama inside and it’s also heavy on the sci-fi, so you may say this is like a dramedy/sci-fi movie. 

Coming into the theater for the screening I zero knowledge of what to expect from the story. I came in blind and as someone that really is a fan of Fine Arts movies of the cinematic artistic movies I could say that Mack & Rita feels more like a commercial movie than anything else. and I say this because I feel this is a movie that daughters and mothers should go see together. I think story wise they will relate to their situations that we see in the story. Daughters will begin to understand what mom is feeling and daughters will begin to understand what daughters are feel. if it feels like a really nice date for mom and daughter to laugh to have fun but at the same time being a conversation starter. I truly believe that shines here the most is the story, behind finding your true self being OK with who you are and understanding that if you want to pretend to be somebody else how difficult that is.

The second thing that truly shines in this movie it’s obviously Diane Keaton’s performance. It’s incredible to believe then an actress in her late 70s that has proven through all his career that she can do everything it’s still willing to put herself out there doing physical comedy as she did in this movie. I was completely impressed like what she was able to do and what he was put up to do with many of physical comedy scenes. But not only that I love how she was able to blend and the chemistry she had with young actress Taylour Paige.

While the movie is not perfect script wise, I found it odd the way they handled the whole transformation from young to old, they just let it happen without any explanation whatsoever. Also there are things that are going on around the story that sometimes they just forget that they’re there and they come back to them as if nothing happened. And while I understand it we’re not supposed to think much about it the ending felt rushed, to me it felt out of place as if they didn’t knew how to make everything right again and they just went ahead and do a happy hour after we know explanation whatsoever. 

I think that’s what bothers me the most about the movie everything that happens, happens without any real explanations, just for fun, just for the kicks. Which is OK because you’re having fun laughing and crying watching the movie, but the underlying message sometimes get lost in the craziness of how the script was written. But then again maybe it’s written this way on purpose as if saying shut your brain off and just enjoy the crazy journey Mack and Rita it’s not about.