“Lightyear” : A cosmic adventure – Movie Review by Ana Sofía Cintrón (@Ana_Sofia53). #Lightyear

“Lightyear” : A cosmic adventure – Movie Review by Ana Sofía Cintrón (@Ana_Sofia53). #Lightyear

Growing up with the adventures of Woody and Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story always had a special place in my heart. From owning toys to the VHS, this franchise was a mayor influence on my childhood. Every time there was a new film, it was a family event. For many years, we have followed this beloved character in many of his adventures and in 2022, it was time for a new mission.

Directed by Angus Maclane, Lightyear is a new installment on the Toy Story universe. Now, you ask yourself, how does this movie connect to past stories? At the beginning of the film, a title card drops, and says: “In 1995, a boy named Andy got a toy. The toy was from his favorite movie. This is that movie.” Reading the name Andy made me feel nostalgic. However, I had a feeling we were going to see something completely out of the ordinary.

From the start, we are greeted with Pixar top-notch animation. It’s beautiful and vibrant colors that intertwine with each other, and create a visual spectacle. Seems like they took notes from their sci-fi literature class and applied it here. Building a universe filled with classic sci-fi tropes and a unique twist. For the cinephiles out there, you’ll see a couple of shout-outs they made, as we see the influences of Interstellar, Gravity and even 2021: A space odyssey. You’ll be on board with this out of this world adventure.

As Buzz Lightyear explores unknown territory, he crashes the ship by accident. Making him and his crew stay on the planet. Driven by guiltiness, Buzz puts himself as a test subject to test flights that have a hyperdrive system. But, there’s a catch: Every test in the hyperdrive system sends him years into the future. While he’s focusing on undoing his wrong, his best friend Alisha and comrade have already made a life. This movie showcases a new side of Buzz Lightyear we’ve never seen before. It’s not the goofy & quirky Tim Allen version we have grown to love, but rather Chris Evan’s embodies our favorite space ranger and shows us a different side of him. A more vulnerable and mature version that it wasn’t explored till now.

In one of his trips to the hyperdrive system, Buzz teams up with a group of misfits: Alisha’s granddaughter, Izzy Hawthorne (Keke Palmer), Mo (Taika Waititi) and Darby (Dale Soules) to defeat the evil Zurg. Their wacky antics helped create funny moments that relived the serious tension the movie had. However, the true MVP was Buzz’s robot cat sidekick, Sox. He brought the big guns, and made us fall in love with him the seconds he was on the screen. With his lovable design to the way he spoked, you just can’t dislike him. While the introduction of these characters certainly does elevate the wacky humor that Pixar is also known for, it also creates a perfect balance between humor and serious tones that the movie has.

With the help of his new comrades, Buzz embarks on a journey of self-healing and acceptance. Learning that it’s okay to be flawed, and that your mistakes don’t define who you are or your future. It’s a beautiful lesson to teach kids, but most importantly it can resonate with anyone, and it surely did with me. Lightyear isn’t considered Pixar’s best work, but it’s filled with charm. An engaging story that spreads a wonderful message about teamwork, trusting yourself and letting go. It’s Profoundly emotional, with a hint of laughter. Watching this movie made me feel like a kid again, and in my book that’s good for me.

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