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Interview by Rafy Mediavilla with the principal cast members of Freeform’s “The Watchful Eye”, Mariel Molino, Jon Ecker, and Aliyah Royale as we chat about their characters, supernatural murder mysteries, and working with Amy Acker.

“The Watchful Eye” follows Elena Santos, a young woman with a complicated past, maneuvering her way into working as a live-in nanny for an affluent family in Manhattan. She quickly learns that everyone in the mysterious building has deadly secrets and ulterior motives. What they don’t know, however, is that Elena has some shocking secrets of her own.


Aliyah, Ginny seems to be always on guard, with all her radars going on, if you could talk to your character what would you tell her to help her deal with the whole situation?

Aliyah Royale:

You know what? And I didn’t think about this until you just brought this to my attention because previously, I would have said I would tell Janina to guard her heart better and just, you know, don’t try as hard and just let things come to you as they come to you. But I think people who have a heart that’s big enough to love that hard, I don’t think you should tell them not to. I think you should let them exist where they exist. They know, you know, even if they’re not exercising as much caution, they know exactly what they’re getting themselves into.

Ginny knows exactly what she’s getting into with Elena. And if she’s choosing to open her heart and go on this ride, even if she gets hurt or if she feels like it’s unrequited, I think she’s still making a choice. And I. I would never tell her, don’t love is hard. Don’t be as open. I would tell her, you know, exercise caution the best that you can. But if this is you and your lover and just want to dive in headfirst, that’s your right. And the fact that you have a heart big enough to do that is beautiful.


Jon, Scott is dealing with so many things at the same time. I think we see it at least through the last couple of episodes. We see more information coming in we know what his agenda is. He is in love with Elena, but he does completely understand how to handle everything that is going on, what was his mindset on the whole situation?

Jon Ecker:

You know, I think even though he’s obviously suspicious of a lot of things, and I think at the end of the day, he must be a bit of an optimist and he’s just hoping that things are going to work out and that this plan that they’ve hatched together is going to work. So, he’s focused on it, trying to get her to do what she needs to do, and he does what he needs to do. But I think he’s just hoping it’s going to work out because it’s, you know, a long shot. But he’s still going for it.


Mariel. You clearly had a lot of fun doing this character, it seems as if you felt comfortable in Elena’s skin, how much of the character are you being you or just following directions on the script?

Mariel Molino:

Oh, thank you. Well, I. I will take that compliment so well because I actually think that Elena and I are very different, and I was really trying to create a character that was very different from myself. This is a character that is, you know, very realistic about life and at times a cynic and, you know, doesn’t open very easily and doesn’t trust people and is deceitful.

And I am so optimistic to a fault. And I trust people a lot. And I’m way more loud and bubbly. And I think for Elena, she needed to kind of like, you know, sometimes pass on scene and live this double life. So it was actually really challenging at first. It’s also a role in that I was alone a lot. I had to do a lot of scenes alone, which was something I had never done before.

You know, previously I feel like I’ve been a part of big ensemble scenes. And so that was a challenge in itself because, you know, I really wanted you to be engaged in the story and see it from Elena’’s point of view. But I was fearful that maybe, you know, Elena wouldn’t be likable or that you wouldn’t root for her and all these things. But I think that my guiding light was like, I just need to do what’s right by Elena. And I knew exactly what my mission was. And, you know, I would just try to remain in that course. And then whatever obstacles came in, I would deal with them as I went, you know.


Mariel, I spoke to Amy and I would ask you the same question the two of you have seemed to be best friends at least that was what we saw on social media. Talk to us about working with Amy. are you best friends now?

Mariel Molino:

Oh, I love her. I love her so much. She is such a kind, gracious, and generous. I think everyone in this room can attest to that. We are all in Amy Acker’s fan club, although she has so many fans. So, it’s a constant competition for the most fanatic one. But no, she’s incredible to work with. She’s so professional, so creative, so supportive. You know, there would be days where I am exhausted after working a 14-hour day, and she’d be like, you know what? I just wanted to make you a home-cooked meal.

Like that’s the type of person that she is. And by the way, she is an incredible chef. So, I mean, we all got to, you know, have some wonderful meals by the Amy Acker. But it was such a joy. And also, just that’s just like as a person and on a professional level, she’s just the best of the best, man. I mean, it was incredible to work with her.

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