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“Echo” (Disney+) S1 Review

Maya Lopez’s ruthless behavior in New York City catches up with her in her hometown; she must face her past, reconnect with her Native American roots, and embrace the meaning of family and community.

I have to admit that I was really hype coming into this series, I knew that “Echo” was to bring back the darker tone that helped define the Netflix Marvel series, such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. But I was also especially hyped for seeing the deft community shed a spotlight on them with the introduction of Echo in the Hawkeye series as we dive a little bit more in-depth into her backstory, her motives, her characters, and what she brought to the table. While I am happy to report that I absolutely loved what I saw, I also have to admit not everyone will love how the series plays out as a whole.

What worked:

Storywise, a lot worked for me since I absolutely loved what Disney did with Ms Marvel, Echo also got the Ms. Marvel treatment in the sense that we got to dive deep into her roots and the culture of her ancestors. This is done in order for character development’s sake, and so we understand where she got her strengths and how she came to be who she is. We also dive into a more vulnerable side, or even a more human side of Kingpin, as he somewhat “mentors” Echo into becoming the kick-ass, killing machine she is. I also think the action/fight scenes worked great for the story, again that is a factor that works hand in hand with the tone of the story and reminisces of what made the Netflix/Marvel series so great.

Character-wise, Alaqua Cox without a doubt carried the series from start to finish. I loved how she brought Echo to life. I love how she did not shy away from showing both the vulnerable side and the tough side of the character when needed. I love how she embraced her flaws and made the best out of them given the tough situation she is presented with. I loved how Echo also embraced her family heritage and the role it played. I felt Cox understood what needed to be done to play a role and the impact it may have on her deft community. Vincent D’Onofrio to me also played a huge role this time around when compared to Hawkeye as just the main villain. Vincent D’Onofrio gets the chance to explore the more human side of Kingpin, and we see this side reflected in every scene of Vincent D’Onofrio with Alaqua Cox.

What did not work:

This one is a tough topic to tackle, mainly because I am heavily invested in the character itself, and this origin story. Yet I do understand the pacing of the story is one of the main issues with the series. The slow-burn storytelling will not be something everyone will enjoy. Even with the awesome action-packed scenes, they are truly all far in between at the expense of the much-needed character development for both Echo and Kingpin.

The much darker tones will be something that will not work for many who are used to the lighter, humor-driven storytelling elements of the MCU. And if we add to the list the fact that Echo is not a main character that mainstream people may know by heart, these factors play a huge role in the willingness of MCU fans to invest their time and give this series a chance.

In conclusion:

“Echo” gets the job done at giving us an inside into the character, packed with action scenes that will strike the fancy of any fan of the old-school Netflix Marvel series, even if it has been almost 10 years since we have gotten a glimpse of this style of storytelling. If you enjoyed Daredevil or the narrative structure of Ms. Marvel, It is safe to say you may enjoy this if you give it a chance.

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